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At FIoTS we believe that the connected world will impact consumers and the business world alike. Users of connected devices will see the new services or solutions enriching their relationship to the products / solutions thereby providing higher quality of life, comfort, security and fun. Corporate users of these solutions will benefit from efficiency gains, cost savings, better allocation of resources and in continuous contact with their consumers.

Connected devices results in data that will open up new insights, business models and revenue streams. M2M focuses on connections to devices It captures data at end points and sends across networks to trigger certain alerts or actions. IoT includes M2M but also adds significant additional value by the inter-connection of devices, users, partners and services.

FIoTS focuses on building new solutions and services around IoT to enhance value for the future connected enterprises and for the connected consumer. Our objective is to bring visible change by solving the enterprise or consumer problem.

Our MyRakshak Solution is being used by 10,000+ students across various schools & bus providers and parents find it reliable. Our other solution like Remote Diesel Generator Monitoring System helps in monitoring status of diesel generator including its parameters like voltage, current, fuel consumption, power consumption from anywhere. We have Heavy Equipment monitoring System which is designed to increase productivity and stop unauthorized use of heavy equipment like earth moving equipment, mobile RMC plants etc.

Our Remote Solar Monitoring System can be used in maintaining a Solar Power System. We have designed RFID Based Attendance System which will provide best security to kids by reducing the need of marking the student attendance manually. Our Sales Team Tracking system provides procession to keep track of sales team in real time. Our automated Laundry Management System is based on washable RFID tags which help to track cloth through its entire life cycle, manage inventory in better way. This system also alerts you regarding missing items.

Our solutions are based on cutting edge technologies and we work closely with global & local partners to deliver the required solutions.

Our Services

Our Solutions

MyRakshak Tracking System
  • Provides accurate GPS location
  • Mobile friendly tracking
  • Bus stop reaching alert
  • RFID based attendance alert
DG Set Monitoring System
  • Fully automated and customized solution
  • Provides real time remote monitoring
  • Get important alerts and notification via email & SMS
  • Benchmark DG set Performance and evaluate it.
Heavy Equipment Monitoring System
  • Reduction in fuel theft
  • Monitor work time of supervisors and increase productivity
  • Know the current location of equipment at any time
  • Alarms using local LCD parameter
RFID Based Attendence System
  • Automatic recording of student In-Out
  • Monitor work time of supervisors and increase productivity
  • Provides automation and security
Fleet Management Solution
  • Real time location of vehicle
  • Customized report generation
  • Improved fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions
  • Configurable Geofencing
Laundry management Solution
  • Fully automated scanning system
  • Easy to install with zero maintenance
  • Uses washable, flexible, durable tags sustaining high temperature and chemical process
  • Better inventory management

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